June TBR

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all keeping well! I’m trying to make my way through blog posts I’ve missed over the past week so please bear with me at the moment! But wow, I can’t believe that May is already over and we’re almost halfway through 2021! It definitely doesn’t feel like we’ve made it through five months this year already! But June is a great month because it’s finally Pride Month! And I have a very busy posting schedule lined up for this month (fingers crossed I manage to get them all done!) which I’m really excited to share with you in this post, too! I’m also, hopefully because I’m notoriously bad at using Instagram, going to be taking part in the Pride Library challenge hosted by Anniek, Hรขf and Michelle! But without any further ado, back to the matter at hand, which is another stupidly ambitious TBR – which this month is being made even more ridiculously ambitious by the fact that I’m also going to be really busy with work this month, too, so we’ll just see how this all turns out!

So, as for June’s posting schedule, I’m hoping to do one post every day (eek!), though depending on what books I read when, the review days will vary, which is why I’ve not labelled them in this graphic, but look forward to plenty of queer book posts, as well as a wee post I’ll be a guest on that I’ll be sure to let you all know about!

Now, onto the books!

Starting off, I will of course be reading some of my most anticipated sapphic contemporary releases of the month! I’m so excited about all of these and I’ve seen some really great reviews for most of them, so I can’t wait! I’m sure by now you’re all well aware as to what One Last Stop is all about because it seems like everyone and their mum has already read it by now! Though I was definitely in the minority of people who felt like RWRB was a tad bit overhyped, I’m so ready for Casey’s first sapphic novel! Trouble Girls is one that I’m slightly more apprehensive about, just because I have seen a few mixed reviews, but sapphic Bonnie and Clyde?? Yes please!! Finally, I was so lucky to receive a physical ARC of Love & Other Natural Disasters from Harper 360 in the post this month and I’ll definitely be picking it up at the start of June! I looooved Misa Sugiura’s (extremely underhyped) previous release, This Time Will Be Different, so I can’t wait to finally pick up one of her sapphic books!

Next up is achillean and trans contemporary – most of these are ARCs and YA, though one is a book I’ve had for a wee while and is adult! I’ve already pre-ordered Jay’s Gay Agenda and can’t wait for it to arrive, but until then I do have an eARC copy. I’ve heard that this is a really great, sex-positive achillean lead with messy gays and I can’t wait to get to it! Where We Go From Here has been released for a wee while, but I managed to get an ARC on Netgalley for it recently as I think it’s finally getting released here in the UK! This is translated fiction (yay!) about three Brazilian teens and focusses on HIV. Fifteen Hundred Miles from the Sun is all about a long-distance relationship between two achillean MOC that I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about so far and I’m sure it’s going to have me crying both from laughter and from all the feelings it’s going to throw my way! I also received a physical ARC of The (Un)Popular Vote from Harper 360 and I have been dying to read this one since I first heard about it! It’s all about a trans teen who is in the running for student body president, though he does come up against some barriers along the way. Finally, I’ve been meaning to read something by Akwaeke Emezi for a while now, so I’m finally biting the bullet and reading The Death of Vivek Oji, which is adult contemporary literary fiction following a Nigerian nonbinary main character that I know is going to make me cry!

As expected, because who would I be if I wasn’t reading a tonne of sapphic adult romance each month, I do have quite a few of them again this month! First up is Stone’s Revenge which I requested and ARC of quite a wee while ago while watching the final series of Engrenages (an amazing French crime drama) and thinking, wow, I really wanna read a sapphic thriller romance. Since then, I have seen some great reviews for this one so I’m excited to pick it up! Next is the latest book in a well-loves series of sapphic historical romance companion novels – The Hellion’s Waltz. I haven’t managed to pick up the other two books yet, though I do have them as e-books, but from the glowing reviews I’ve seen, I think I’m going to love this book! Next up is a sapphic enemies-to-lovers romance set in Scotland with an influencer main character which really just sounds like so much fun! Under Her Influence will be my first read by Amanda Radley and I can’t wait! After reading (and loving) the prequel novella in May, I’m really looking forward to picking up Brit Ryder’s (aka Kris Bryant) latest sapphic erotic romance – Not Guilty. Finally, an anthology I’m really looking forward to is In Our Words which is a collection of short stories written by queer authors of colour!

So I’m not a huge sci-fi reader, but over the past few months I’ve found myself really enjoying the odd queer sci-fi, and strangely enough, I do have a few on my June TBR too! First up is The Membranes, which is a sapphic Taiwanese sci-fi novella which just sounds so good! Hsinju did an amazing review for it over on their Goodreads which I highly recommend checking out! Next is The Darkness Outside Us which is an achillean hate-to-love novel set in a sentient spaceship where they’re the only two passengers on board – it literally sounds amazing! After reading, and adoring, On A Sunbeam by Tillie Walden a couple of months ago, I of course had to pre-order her newest release, Alone in Space, which features some of her previous well-loved graphic novels, as well as some extra wee snippets! Finally, in June I’m hoping to finally pick up my second book by T.J. Klune – The Extraordinaries – in time for its sequel releasing in July. I really love T.J. Klune’s writing style and I love a good superqueero so I’m sure I’m gonna love this one!

I told you this was a ridiculously over-ambitious TBR, didn’t I! Next up is fantasy, specifically YA fantasy, though there are only two of them here! First up is This Poison Heart by Kalynn Bayron. I loved Cinderella Is Dead when I read it earlier this year and her second book also sounds amazing – Black sapphics and plant magic? Sign me up! The second is Fire With Fire by Destiny Soria which features twin sisters, powerful sapphics and, as I’m sure you’ve guessed from the cover, dragons!

As for adult fantasy, I do have quite a few on the list of hopefuls. First up is The Jasmine Throne which I’ve had to hold myself off picking up for months now! This is sapphic high fantasy set in an Indian-inspired world and I just know that it’s going to instantly become a new favourite! Another book I can’t wait to read is Black Water Sister. This has Malaysian sapphics, ghosts of loved ones and gods and it sounds so good! Another one I know I’m going to love is The Tangleroot Palace, which is a series of short stories including a sapphic Asian-inspired retelling of Sleeping Beauty! Finally, we have The Bone Way which is a sapphic retelling of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, and honestly, just by looking at the cover you should want to pick this book up!

I promise you, we’re getting near the end now – I can hear you shouting at me “Althea what are you doing this is stupidly ambitious??” and I am pretending that I don’t hear you! There are three sequels I’d like to get round to this month if I can, the first being Unravel the Dusk. I read the first book in the duology around two years ago I think, and I thought it was okay but I still wanted to read the sequel at some point – and I’m finally getting round to it! I’m really excited to dive back into this Chinese-inspire fantasy setting! Last month I read – and adored – Love Bites by Ry Herman, and this month I’ll be reading its sequel Bleeding Hearts. This is an absolutely hilarious sapphic vampire rom-com that I really cannot recommend enough and I’m really excited to see where the story goes! Finally, at the very end of 2020 I picked up Dangerous Remedy by Kat Dunn, and in June I’ll be picking up the sequel, Monstrous Design. I love this magical sapphic re-imagining of revolutionary France and I’m both excited and terrified to see the characters I love so much again!

Okay this is the final category, I promise you! There are two queer nonfiction reads that I’d love to get to this month, the first being We Can Do Better than This which is edited by Amelia Abraham. I read Amelia Abraham’s first nonfiction book last year and really enjoyed it, and I’m excited to read this collection of essays written by queer people on what they hope the future will be like! The second is the hilariously titled All the Things She Said which is nonfiction about sapphic culture in the 2020s so far!

So, we’re finally at the end of the post, you can all take a big sigh of relief! There are a couple of other books that, depending on how I’m feeling, I may read in the place of some of these, including Ace of Spades, The Love Song of Ivy K. Harlowe, The Wolf and the Woodsman, and Lying With Lions. Let me know what you thought of any of these books if you’ve read them already and tell me what book you’re most excited to pick up next month! I hope June’s a great month for you all – stay safe!

5 thoughts on “June TBR

  1. Such a great TBR!! I am also planning on reading Trouble Girls next month, I have an arc of it and really hope I’ll enjoy it, but I have also seen mixed reviews :/. I am currently reading my arc of One Last Stop and already have plans to reread it next month, probably via audio, it is just so so good, I’m sure you’ll love it!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! I really can’t wait! Fingers crossed Trouble Girls is really great for the both of us!


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