Cute Mutants Vol. 4: The Sisterhood of Evil Mutants Review

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all keeping well! Over last night and throughout today it has been snowing here in Scotland, so I’ve spent most of my day snuggled up under the combined cosiness of my duvet and my weighted blanket, reading the last third of Cute Mutants Vol. 4. I finished the book not five minutes ago and I’m still reeling from that ending, but I though, what better time to write my review than when the book is fresh in my memory! So, here goes! Warning: there will be spoilers for the previous books in the series up ahead!

Title: Cute Mutants Vol. 4: The Sisterhood of Evil Mutants

Author: S.J. Whitby

Pages: 487

Genre: Sci-fi, LGBT, Young Adult

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Synopsis: “Then understand this. I want to shoulder that burden for others. I want Quietus to break against me, to shatter. When I killed Abigail Tanner, I knew it would make me a target. I want that. It was on purpose. I’m not some reckless teenager who knows nothing. I’m a reckless teenager who knows exactly what I’m doing.”

We’ve finally found a safe place for mutants, but it may not stay that way for long. There’s no shortage of battles to fight, and I’m itching to take the war to our enemies, even if not everyone agrees. Eli Crane has a lot of money, guns, and hate—and he’s only the first name on my list.Because Crane’s not our only problem: a terrifying mystery lies in our past waiting to be unveiled, and we’ve got a dark vision of the future swinging at us like a fist. A lot of people are gunning for mutants, and we have to keep ahead of all of them. We’re not schoolkids anymore. We’ll have to be revolutionaries, politicians, and criminals to make it through. Surviving the experience isn’t guaranteed.

Volume 4 of the Cute Mutants series opens right where we left our favourite superqueeroes at the end of volume 3 – Dylan, alongside the rest of the Cute Mutants and a newly resurrected Dani find themselves being portalled to a secret hideaway mutant commune that is a safe space for them to stay for the time being. However, Eli Crane, mutant hater and overall bigot is still at large, but Dylan is determined to put an end to that. But a mysterious mutant who calls themselves God keeps sticking their nose in, and with new information finally coming to light, can the Cute Mutants survive the battles they’ve got ahead of them?

Despite being emotionally in pain after the previous books in the series, I think that this is the first Cute Mutants book to make me shed real tears that just would not stop coming! I absolutely love SJ’s witty writing style and the emotional punches that hit you from every direction in their books. You reach the first blow and you’re like, surely this is it, I can’t stand anymore pain, and then you get two thirds of the way through the book and you’re like, nope this is it, I cannot function any more, I have become one with the pool of tears that surrounds me, and right at the end SJ creates one last sucker punch to take you out when you think everything’s safe! It’s safe to say that this book is just as action packed as the previous instalments, and yet I still trust SJ not to break my heart each time I open a new book…and yet! Aside from all the action in this instalment, there is a lot more philosophical thinking – there’s discussion of whether the Cute Mutants are actually the bad guys or not, ‘curing’ mutants and the topic of eugenics, as well as the age old mutants v. humans, Magneto was right debate (or in this case, Chatterbox was right)! But if you’re sitting there reading this and thinking to yourself, oh no, this sounds like a lot, don’t worry, there’s still all those soft, hilarious Cute Mutants vibes that we know and love (including Dylan spamming an Olivia Hye fancam during a battle with the hashtag #CuteMutantsAreOverParty!).

Something I have always loved about the Cute Mutants books is, of course, the characters! Dylan and Dani are just as cute as ever (and I love seeing Dylan really growing into their nonbinary identity), and Alyse and Emma are so soft for each other and I adore them! I wish we had seen more of Lou and his girlfriend, but I’ve got my fingers crossed for Weapon uWu! Speaking of Lou, wow, his character development! I was so, so excited to see him truly come into his own in this book and he’s really grown from me kinda being ambivalent about him to being one of my favourite members of the Cute Mutants! We also meet some new mutants that I also adore – my favourites being Excalibur and her sword, and Feral (my sweet gal!) – as well as a pretty awesome tank, Abby! Without spoiling anything, I was also so excited to see one of our old friends again!

This book was definitely an emotional ride and already I’m dying to just abandon my TBR for the month and just re-read the whole series over and over again until the next book is out! Only about half an hour ago did I find out that this is the penultimate book in this arc of the Cute Mutant’s story and I’m heartbroken, but I’m so excited to see where SJ takes the series next!

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