Get It Right Review

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all keeping well! Today I have a review for a book I was highly anticipating and that I was so lucky and thankful to receive an ARC copy of from the author, after reading, and loving, her previous novella, Glorious Day! It is, of course (if you’ve not guessed by now), Get It Right by Skye Kilaen!

Title: Get It Right

Author: Skye Kilaen

Pages: 130

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, LGBT, Adult

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Synopsis: A butch lesbian parolee. The pretty pansexual nurse who got away. Is this their second chance at a happily ever after?

Finn is finally out of prison, which is great. Having no job, no car, and no place to sleep except her cousin’s couch? Not so great. Plus, her felony theft conviction isn’t doing wonders for her employment prospects, so she can’t afford her migraine meds without the public clinic.

The last thing she ever expected was for the gal who stole her heart to come walking down that clinic’s hallway: Vivi, the manicure-loving nurse who spent two years fighting the prison system to get proper medical care for her patients, including Finn.

Finn could never believe she imagined the attraction and affection between them. But acting on that in prison, especially as nurse and patient, had been a serious No Way. She’s had eight months to get over Vivi, who abruptly left her job without saying goodbye. Finn is over it. Honest! It’s totally and completely fine.

Except Vivi, here and now, doesn’t seem fine. And Finn couldn’t live with herself if she didn’t try to help.

Is fate offering Finn a second chance? Or is finding love as likely as finding a job with health insurance?

As I’ve already mentioned, I already love Skye Kilaen’s writing, no matter the genre – I’ve equally loved her fantasy/sci-fi bodyguard/princess novella and her fluffy and funny contemporary prequel to this book, Knock Me Down, so of course I was highly anticipating her first contemporary sapphic romance, and I was not let down! This short but sweet novella follows Vivi, a fat, pansexual nurse, and Finn, a butch lesbian who is just out of prison and is trying her hardest to secure a job. The two quickly became close friends when Vivi was working in the prison Finn was being held in, but after she suddenly disappears from Finn’s life, Finn loses all hope of seeing her again. That is, until Finn, newly out on parole, is getting her migraine medication and unexpectedly bumps into Vivi at the clinic. But will sparks fly once again?

Skye Kilaen’s writing always feels like a warm hug from a friend. It feels safe and comfortable and I felt right at home as I dived into this story. Kilaen’s writing is very simple and straight to the point, which worked so well for the oftentimes difficult topics brought up in this book, such as abortion, the prison system and financial insecurity, but always has you rooting for the characters and really feeling for them through their bad times, as well as their good. This book was heartbreaking, funny and sometimes hit so close to home (hello endless job hunting!) yet never felt like the author was trying to go down too many alleys all at once.

Perhaps my favourite part of the book was the characters. Vivi is a fat, pansexual nurse, and is so, so fiercely proud of being all three of those things. As soon as I saw the cover for this book I squealed out loud, as, sadly, it’s not often you get to see fat women on the covers of sapphic romance novels, and I think Skye managed to capture her so brilliantly and so sensitively throughout. Without spoiling anything, Vivi is going through a rather tough time in her life, with some big decisions needing to be made, and she’s always thinking of others opinions and thoughts throughout. She’s a big softie but will also never hesitate to immediately shut down your bigoted and outdated ideas. Throughout the novella, Finn is trying her best to gain some financial stability and freedom after her stint in prison for stealing. Finn is your classic, oblivious lesbian that I’m sure so many of us can relate to (including myself – I didn’t think my girlfriend liked me even when she explicitly asked me out on a date!), and I loved the butch rep! She’s trying her hardest throughout the book to not have to rely on people anymore and I really saw myself in her. The side characters were also great! Of course I was soo happy to see Nora and Will again (you can meet them in Knock Me Down which is out Nov. 1!) and throughout the book I had my fingers crossed that the next book would be following Vivi’s other sister, Allie, and I’m so happy to see that it will be! I also hope we get to see more of Oliver (poor pining baby!) and Dr Choi too!

As I mentioned, the book does deal with some difficult topics, like abortion, the prison system and financial instability, and it did so very respectfully and sensitively. Despite that, I think the one tiny flaw I could find in this novella is that I would’ve liked a tad more plot. We follow Finn trying to find a job again after prison and Vivi and her storyline (I’m trying to not give any spoilers!) and about the two of them coming back together again, but I wanted a little more (although I do love to see a guaranteed HEA).

Overall, I really loved this latest novella from Skye Kilaen and I’m so excited for the sequel and her future works (did someone say a bisexual romance?)! I highly, highly recommend you pick this one up when it’s released on December 1!

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