2021 Trans & Nonbinary Recs #2

Hi everyone! Seeing as yesterday was National Coming Out Day, and I did come out to my close family and friends as agender, I decided what better time to do another 2021 trans and nonbinary recs post than today!

As I said in the last post, these are not all of the books by trans and nonbinary authors out next year and I encourage you to look into others in your own time! Also, all of these authors have explicitly labelled themselves as being trans or nonbinary, although not all of these books feature trans or nonbinary main characters. As always, there are a plethora of amazing books by trans and nonbinary authors that have already been released, and even if you don’t have the means to buy or pre-order any of these books, request them at your local library, boost people who are talking about them and the authors themselves, and promote these authors on social media – but most importantly, support trans and nonbinary authors all year round!

Jay’s Gay Agenda – Jason June

We’re getting so much genderqueer rep next year, so it’s definitely the time to support genderqueer authors! And isn’t the cover of this one so beautiful (is that a sapphic character I see in the background?)! This gorgeous contemporary follows Jay as he moves from his small, rural, painfully heterosexual hometown in Washington to Seattle, which also happens to have an amazing LGBT+ population, for his last year of high school. He finally feels like he truly belongs, but he soon ends up torn between his old life and his new one. I can’t wait to read this novel, I love seeing queer teens finally being able to thrive and come into their identities, so I’ve already preordered this one!

The Sisters of Reckoning – Charlotte Nicole Davis

When this was finally announced I literally screamed – the first book in this series, The Good Luck Girls is one of my favourite books of 2020, and I was dying for a sequel – and look how gorgeous that cover is! The Good Luck Girls follows a group of five Good Luck Girls – Aster, Clementine, Violet, Tansy and Mallow, who were all branded and sold to a ‘welcome house’ when they were children. When Clementine accidentally murders one of the men who visits their welcome house, the girls must go on the run, only able to trust themselves in order to survive. This is a stunning, fast-paced, Western-inspired fantasy world that I absolutely adore and it also has a really sweet side f/f romance!

Meet Cute Diary – Emery Lee

I know I’ve said it to literally every cover so far, but I absolutely adore this one – we really are winning with the 2021 releases! The book follows Noah who runs Meet Cute Diary, a popular blog that features stories of trans happily ever afters. However, all the stories are fake. When this fact is exposed, Noah has the impossible task of proving that the stories are actually real. When Drew agrees to fake-date Noah to save the blog, Noah starts developing real feelings, but dating in real life is a lot different to dating in the stories. Who doesn’t love a good fake-dating trope? This one sounds amazing and I’m so hyped for it!

One Last Stop – Casey McQuiston

This is one that I know every sapphic is already dying to get their hands on, myself included! This is a sapphic, time-travel romance that is a queer take on Kate & Leopold, and according to the small blurb we have on Goodreads is about “A 23-year-old [who] realises her subway crush is displaced from 1970’s Brooklyn, and she must do everything in her power to help her – and try not to fall in love with the girl lost in time – before it’s too late . . .“. That sounds amazing if you ask me! Plus, I really enjoyed Casey’s first novel, Red, White and Royal Blue, so I know we’re all going to be in for a treat with this one too!

The Witch King – H.E. Edgmon

The Witch King is a book I only recently found out about, but that I’m already dying to read! It follows trans witch, Wyatt who has to flee to the human world, leaving behind his best friend and his betrothed – the fae prince, Emyr – after he loses control of his magic. Emyr hunts Wyatt down and refuses to dissolve their engagement, for fear of losing his throne. So, Wyatt strikes a deal as he hopes to leave the fae kingdom of Asalin forever, but he must decide whether his independence or his people are more important. This sounds amazing – trans witches and gay fae!! What more could you want?!

The (Un)Popular Vote – Jasper Sanchez

This one was only recently announced so we don’t have too much of a synopsis for it yet, although it has been likened to Red, White and Royal Blue and The West Wing! It follows a trans-masc teenager who defies his congressman father and runs in a three-way brawl for class president. This sounds like it’d be perfect for fans of You Should See Me in a Crown and if you’re excited for this one, you should also check out May the Best Man Win, which follows a trans teen running against his ex for homecoming king! I’ve already preordered the ebook copy of this one, I think it’s gonna be a real hit!

In the Ravenous Dark – A.M. Strickland

This is probably one of the ones on this list I’m most excited for! It’s set in Thanopolis, where those who have magic are protected and controlled by spirits. Our main character, Rovan, has hidden her magic her whole life, but when she accidentally reveals her powers, she is assigned a spirit and thrust into the world of royal intrigue. She’s desperate to escape, but finds herself falling for two people that she can’t trust – Lydea, a rebellious princess, and Ivrilos, the spirit she has assigned to her. Together, they find out a secret that could destroy Thanopolis, and in order to escape, Rovan must incite a rebellion. There is so much queer rep in this book, including a poly romance, and I need it in my hands ASAP!

As I said, this is not a comprehensive list, and I’m hoping to post number 3 soon with even more 2021 releases for you to support! As always, stay safe!

3 thoughts on “2021 Trans & Nonbinary Recs #2

  1. congrats on coming out yesterday! I hope that went well 💛 Also, thank you for compiling this list! I am always looking for lists of Trans & Nonbinary authors to read & support, so I’m so glad to have come across this. I’ll be adding these to my Tbr! Jay’s Gay Agenda looks so good and has such a cute cover that I’m already determined to get my hands on that one as soon as it releases lol. Great post!! -Brittany

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