Queer Books as Tarot Cards

Hi everyone! So, as you’ll definitely know by now I’ve been on Depop recently where I bought myself the gorgeous Modern Witch Tarot Deck after drooling over them for a while! I managed to teach myself how to read the deck over a couple of days and I’ve been loving doing spreads with them too. So, I decided, what better way to combine my love of books and my love of tarot than recommending queer books based on tarot cards! This will be a series because there are sooo many cards, so today I’m just starting with the first eight cards of the major arcana! I hope you find a book that intrigues you (and perhaps makes you want to get into tarot too!).

First up is Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera. This follows Juliet as she embarks on a Summer internship with her new favourite author, Harlowe Brisbane. Before leaving, Juliet finally comes out to her family as a lesbian, but it doesn’t exactly go to plan. Whilst on her internship, Juliet finds out so much about feminism, about being queer and, most importantly, about being herself. I think that this one goes perfectly with the Fool card because it represents new beginnings, optimism, inexperience, having faith in the universe and leaping into the unknown – which I think describes the book enxcellently!

This is one I’ve sadly not read yet (I’m waiting for the paperback to be released!) but is one I’m super excited about because I love kpop! I’ll Be the One follows Skye Shin who is determined to become the first plus-size kpop star. She absolutely nails her audition and is swept up into the world of the kpop industry and also ends up falling for her competitor. The Magician card symbolises manifestation and using your full potential to get what you want or get where you need to be. It’s about using the skills and talent that you have at your disposal in order to succeed, and I think that this perfectly captures Skye’s artistic talents!

This next card stumped me for a while because I couldn’t think of any that really matched it, but eventually I decided on Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant! This follows Victoria who manages to join a group of scientists travelling to Mariana’s Trench to prove the existence of mermaids after the last boat that went to film a Mockumentary, the Atargatis, was lost at sea with everyone on board. The journey is much more important to Victoria, however, as she lost her sister on that first boat. The High Priestess is quite a mysterious card and is all about following your instincts and your gut feeling, which I think the characters in Into the Drowning Deep need to do a lot of!

For this one, you might be wondering why is the card upside down? Bear with me, it does make sense! I Kissed Alice follows Rhodes and Iliana, they’re both art school students but absolutely hate each other. They’re both after the prestigious Capstone scholarship and are at each others’ throats non-stop. However, unbeknownst to them both, they’re co-authors of a successful online Alice in Wonderland graphic novel, where they’re both falling in love with each other! When you do a tarot reading, some cards may appear reversed, like the one in the graphic. This can mean that the meaning is emphasised, reversed, or something else completely! In this case, the Empress card is all about creativity and birth (not just in the literal sense, it includes ideas and art too!). However, in reverse it means creative block, which is what Rhodes deals with throughout the book!

So this next one is actually a 2021 release that I’m dying to read! Burn It All Down follows Joey and his mum Gia after they both go through break-ups at the same time. In order to get some kind of revenge, the pair go on a crime spree before fleeing the state. They end up staying with one of Gia’s ex’s until things cool over and end up having to confront all their mistakes that got them there. This was another hard tarot card to choose a book for, hence the 2021 release. The Emperor card is about authority, establishment and structure, but in this book Joey and Gia give a big middle finger to it all so I thought it was a bit of a creative play on the card’s meaning (please just go with it lol!).

This is another one I haven’t read but I think it’s the perfect book for this card (and I have the ebook ready to go when I want to read it!). Before You Say I Do follows Abby who has an amazing job and the perfect fiancé. But, when he hires a professional bridesmaid to help her organise the wedding, Abby ends up falling for her. The Hierophant card is all about tradition and sometimes can symbolise marriage, so of course I was going to choose a book where that is the main focus!

For the Lovers card, of course I’m going to choose a romance book! And this time it’s another hopefully-soon-to-read-ebook! Meet Cute Club follows Jordan who is getting increasingly irritated at the new book shop employee calling his romance books ‘for grandmas’. One night, said new employee, Rex, shows up to Jordan’s romance book club – Meet Cute Club – and an enemies to lovers romance ensues! As I said, the Lovers card has to go with a romance book, and what better than a romance book about romance books!

This last one is another 2021 release that I’m so excited for! May the Best Man Win follows Jeremy – the cheer captain and student body president – who’s determined to make the most of his last year of high school and win homecoming king. Then there’s Lukas, the star of the football team and head of the homecoming committee, who also happens to be Jeremy’s ex and is also running for king. After Lukas tries to sabotage Jeremy’s campaign, homecoming is on the verge of being cancelled – can the two of them save it? The Chariot card is all about overcoming challenges, ambition and motivation – and what better book to match it to than one with a rivals to lovers trope!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I’m really looking forward to continuing this series in the future (I’ve already got a couple more books in mind!) and I hope this has perhaps inspired you to pick up some of these books! Stay safe!!

6 thoughts on “Queer Books as Tarot Cards

  1. your posts always look so cute! i’ll be the one is one of my fav 2020 reads! i’m also really excited to read i kissed alice and may the best man win! THOSE COVERS THOUGH! ❤


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