Sapphic Novellas Mini Reviews #1

Hi everyone! So far I’ve read a ridiculous amount in September so far – I’m over halfway through my TBR and I’ve read several novellas and graphic novels on top of that, and it’s only the eighth day of the month!! I’m as shocked as you are! I thought that since I have a wee gap between scheduled reviews I may as well do a mini novella reviews post since I really enjoyed all the ones I’ve read recently and they always deserve some love!

So the first two novellas are both by the same author, and you can get them both free right now! Play With Me by Margaux Fox follows Shay, captain of her rugby team, who is about to play a match against her ex’s team – her ex’s first match back after being injured. Will her feelings mess up the match for her or will she lead her team to victory? I’ve played rugby for over 10 years now and all I’ve wanted is a book with rugby lesbians, and this delivered! I didn’t know what to put in the graphic because this is so short I didn’t want to spoil anything, but the author captured the game really well and it felt like you were right in the middle of a match! So many of the pre-match ‘rituals’ like the giant tape bag are like second nature to me and all made an appearance. The prevalence of women having to play against their exes is all too real and actually made me laugh since this has happened to my team a few times! Overall a really fun, quick novella and the sex scene was everything I could have hoped for! Sign up for the author’s newsletter to get a free download of this one!

I would class Falling For Her as your classic lesbian romance novella! This follows Jen and at the start of the novella we see her burying a dead body! Jen is a police detective who is completely overwhelmed with her work, trying to find the whereabouts of a notorious gang leader, and is stuck in an almost loveless marriage. One day she meets the gorgeous Lyra at the gym and starts questioning her sexuality before both of their lives end up getting tangled together. This was the perfect novella to break up the dense fantasy novel I was reading at the time! I kind of guessed the big reveal halfway through but the execution of it still took me by surprise! I don’t have too much to say – this was just a really great, steamy sapphic novella! Trigger warnings for off page gore mention and off page rape mention, and cheating. This one is free on amazon right now, so check it out if you want something fun and quick!

Knit One, Girl Two by Shira Glassman is the perfect short novella if you just want some sapphic fluff! The novella follows Clara, and indie yarn dyer, who is looking for inspiration for her next sock club yarn subscription! One lunchtime, as she is out and about, she stumbles upon Danielle’s art gallery and just knows that it’d be perfect for her collection. When Clara asks Danielle’s permission to use her art as inspiration, the two soon become friends and eventually more! This novella was absolutely adorable! I really appreciated the fat rep Shira Glassman gave us and seeing all the little references to the main characters’ religion, specifically the food, was so refreshing! I did find the fanart and fanfiction parts a little bit cringey but that might be right up your street, so don’t let me put you off! This ended quite abruptly but is another great novella if you want something cute in between some heavier fantasy reads! (Also, if you couldn’t tell by the title, this has some great puns!)

Finally, probably my favourite of the four, Once Ghosted, Twice Shy by Alyssa Cole! This follows Likotsi who is extremely busy working for royalty but eventually has a day off so decides to explore more of New York on her own. Whilst on the underground she re-encounters Fabiola – the woman who broke her heart only a few months ago who hasn’t spoken to her since. This novella was so well developed it felt like a full length novel! We get to see the current timeline through Likotsi’s eyes and their past relationship through Fabiola’s point of view. At first I was 100% team Likotsi (and also had a teeny crush on her – what can I say, I love butch lesbians!) but as we got to learn more about Fabiola I was just urging them to get back together again! Although this is part of an overarching series, this can be enjoyed as a stand alone and I thoroughly recommend picking it up, especially if you’re looking to get into adult romance!

I hope you liked this mini wrap up! Hopefully this encourages you to foray into some sapphic novellas! Have you read any recently that you would recommend? I’ll be back soon with a very sapphic Netgalley Mini Reviews! Stay safe!

9 thoughts on “Sapphic Novellas Mini Reviews #1

  1. litrally just at the right time, spring time over here has lead to a huge romance binge reading for me! eager to sprinkle in some sapphic reads into it! it really sucks that wlw books is featured less often than mlm books on all the, top gay lists of all times

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    1. That is the perfect time!! I think out of all of these, Knit One, Girl Two is porbably the most Spring-y of them all! Yeah, I know what you mean, it’s super frustrating, the same with trans books 😦 Hopefully things will change soon though!

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  2. I have a soft spot for Knit One, Girl Two! Not a mindblowing book, but it’s just sweet and simple and a good pick-me-up. Once Ghosted, Twice Shy is great too, I read a bunch of Alyssa Cole’s Reluctant Royals books over the summer and she’s great at novellas

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    1. I’m really looking forward to getting into more of Alyssa Cole’s books because I really loved Once Ghosted, Twice Shy! If you have any you recommend, let me know!


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