Netgalley Mini Reviews #3

Hi everyone! Wow, my last post received so much love, thank you all so much! I really enjoyed writing it so hopefully I can do another one soon! Today I’m catching up with a couple of reviews, in particular Netgalley reviews, and honestly, I really enjoyed all of these books! Without any further ado, here are the mini reviews!

As soon as I read the synopsis of Glorious Day I knew I had to get my hands on it! The whole princess and her bodyguard fall in love trope is one of my absolute favourites and whenever I see a sapphic version of it I know it’s gonna be a hit! Although this book is very short, it is very complex – there is so much political intrigue and betrayal crammed into so few pages. I thought the world building was so great and I loved the sci-fi fantasy-esque castle setting! I also really enjoyed the different character dynamics and the romance was just *chef’s kiss* although I felt that it could have benefited from being a full length novel to give the characters a tad more depth (but maybe that’s just me being selfish because I would have adored more time in this world with these characters!). I cannot recommend this novella enough, particularly for fans of Girls of Paper and Fire and Queen of Coin and Whispers! There’s some great rep in here but I really recommend you check out the content warnings on Skye’s website before picking it up!

Over the past year I’ve been reading more and more romance books, which for a fantasy lover is really unlike me, and I can definitely say that The Secret of You and Me is one of the best I’ve read! The characters were so real and so gritty and I was so invested in them and all their messy relationships. I absolutely loved Sophie and her self-discovery, both coming to terms as being a lesbian and dealing with her alcoholism (and also the cute tennis rivalry with her daughter!). Nora was so completely herself and outspoken throughout the whole novel and I loved how confident she was (and the fact that she’s a translator made me so excited!!). I also really loved the atmosphere of this book – Melissa Lenhardt has captured rural small town vibes perfectly!! Of course, my favourite part of this was the romance – I loved the yearning and the desire between Sophie and Nora, I wanted them so badly to be together! I really recommend this one if you’re just starting to get into romance novels, as I think it’s a great, fast-paced read!

All Men Want to Know book is utterly beautiful and haunting – in fact it’s everything I wanted Rubyfruit Jungle to be. This book at its core is about growing up as a woman, in particular as a gay, French-Algerian woman, and the isolation and fear that comes with it. At times it is hard to read, particularly the scenes where the authors mother return home from being abused, the constant sexual harassment of the female characters and one of the main character’s friends committing suicide. However, there is still hope, and there are so many quotes that really hit home with me, including:Β “This place exists in a time zone of its own, inside and outside of time. We’re a realm apart. We always will be. Lesbians.”. This book deals with so many topics that really struck a chord with me, such as a girl’s relationship with her mother and the loneliness of being a lesbian, and also how the two are linked. The structure felt a bit disjointed to me, however after seeing the final copy, I don’t think it is actually that big of a problem. Definitely check out the trigger warnings for this before checking this one out!

Finally, back on a slightly happier note, we have Hopeless Romantic by Georgia Beers! I was so excited to pick up another Georgia Beers novel after reading Flavor of the Month a couple of months back and this one particularly interested me because of the whole divorce lawyer who loves rom-coms and wedding planner who doesn’t believe in happily ever afters dynamic. I did really enjoy the wedding planning aspects – it’s an area I know absolutely nothing about (except from watching countless episodes of Don’t Tell the Bride) and it was really interesting to get a little peek into that world, however on the same note, I wish we’d seen a little more of Leah’s work life. Another thing I really enjoyed about this was the family and friendship dynamics. Leah’s family were so sweet and supportive of each other and it’s something I really love to read in lesbian romance books, as so many of us sadly don’t get to see that in real life. One of Teddi’s friends is also genderqueer which I was also really excited to see, as I have sadly not read of many genderqueer characters in literature. Finally, I also loved that this followed a couple that are slightly older than the normal couples I read about in romance novels (they’re not that old – in their late 30s and mid 40s) so it was really refreshing!

However, I did have a couple of issues. Much the same as with Flavor of the Month, I found this to be almost painfully slow at times. I for one love character driven novels, and I don’t mind if there isn’t much of a plot line if the characters are great. However, I think because this does take place over a year and was quite repetitive, what with the heavy focus on the wedding planning, it did seem to drag a little bit (although the cosy vibes of the colder months was written so well and I really enjoyed that!).

It feels so good being back and writing proper reviews again! I hope these encouraged you to perhaps pick one of these great new releases up and I hope you’re having a great day!

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